Exam Stress Anxiety – Causes & Ways to Cope

Studying for actuarial exams is necessary to pass and advance your career, but it’s also time consuming, stressful, and can effect your overall health. This infographic covers some concerns to be aware of, and also offers tips on coping with exam anxiety and stress.

  • Exam stress can have a devastating effect on student health with 1 in 2 students saying they have skipped meals and 2 in 3 saying they have trouble sleeping as a result.
  • 63% of students say the cause of their exam stress is the fear of not getting into university based on poor exam results.
  • 53% of students talk to friends as a way to cope with their exam stress and 29% talk to family members.



Credit: https://www.studymedicineeurope.com/images/Exam-Stress-Anxiety-a-Growing-&-Deeply-Worrying-Concern.jpg

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