FSA level exam changes on the horizon

The preliminary exam landscape looks quite different today than it did last year, and who isn’t still struggling to correct themselves when referring to MLC, S, or C exams of the past? With such extensive changes to the ASA Pathway, it was always going to effect the Fellowship exams eventually.

The SOA has announced that beginning in late 2018, the FSA track learning objectives will be restructured to optimize learning and build on the enhanced ASA pathway. These transitions will occur in stages continuing through 2021; timing will vary by track. The structure of the six FSA tracks will remain the same, CFE, GH, GI, ILA, QFI, & RET.

The SOA will recognize similar transition periods as the ASA level exams did, with candidates being given ample notice of new modules and syllabi in order to prepare. Transition rules will allow candidates to complete modules in progress and receive transition credit. Expect the first changes to begin in late 2018 with new/revised CFE modules.

The SOA website includes an overview of the changes along with transition rules and the recommended order for each track.