Changes announced for the FAP e-Learning course

The SOA is making changes to the FAP e-Learning course beginning in January 2020. The new FAP course will introduce interactive scenarios, reinforce key skills, and provide more frequent, shorter assessments.

The Interim Assessment which is delivered after Module 5, is to be split into questions at the end of Modules 1-7. These questions will replace the End-of-Module exercises and be similar in style to the current Interim Assessment questions. Breaking the longer assessment into smaller sizes is designed to give students more targeted feedback as they progress through the modules.

The Final Assessment will come with a few improvements in administration and feedback. Grades will now be published at scheduled times throughout the year to establish a predictable grading time-frame. These scheduled assessment grade release dates allow for the periodic release of model solutions from the FA, giving candidates more performance feedback as part of the course process.

Registration for the new FAP course is scheduled for November 12, 2019.

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