The Actuarial Toolkit – Don’t Miss These Entertaining and Informative Interviews

Paul JohnsonUtilizing his background in mathematics and computer science, Paul Johnson has found his niche and passion in helping to create tools for actuaries. After years of seeing and experiencing first-hand the inefficiencies in actuarial data preparation, the Actuarial Toolkit became the natural result.

Host Paul Johnson is an ASA certified actuarial veteran with a passion for programming. He has worked in both health and property/casualty sectors as an actuary and as an actuarial programmer.

Paul’s interviews cover a range of actuarial topics and guests. Learn from seasoned professionals like Life Insurance Researcher and Technical Expert Mary Pat Campbell, health actuary David Shea and key players in actuarial study materials like Stephen Camilli. In addition, there are many insightful interviews for young actuaries still in their exam process such as the recent interview with Roy Ju and Mike Jennings. Roy Ju became the world’s youngest FSA at the age of 20. Together with co-author Mike Jennings, they developed a way for students to learn more by studying more efficiently and in less time. The second edition of Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More Study Less was released last month.

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