David Miller’s Interview With The Actuarial Toolkit

Working for 16 years as both a company and consulting actuary, David Miller saw first-hand the marketing challenges actuaries can face in their organizations. Actuaries are often seen in a limited light. They are viewed as backroom technicians who are brilliant at what they do but lack the high-level business acumen to be useful in more senior and strategic roles.
In seeking to enlighten actuaries to their full potential, Dave founded Leadership Growth Strategies, the leading supplier of world-class executive coaching and leadership development. He is an internationally recognized human development expert specializing in sales, leadership and change management. He has developed and presented nearly 500 customized programs for organizations internationally on three different continents and has personally coached over 1,000 business professionals and corporate executives in over 75 different organizations.
Recently Dave sat down with The Actuarial Toolkit’s Paul Johnson to discuss tools and strategies that enable actuaries to have maximum impact within their organization and his road to becoming a professional coach.
You can view this interview in its entirety on YouTube.
Dave also has an upcoming webinar with ACTEX eLearning in November titled Mastering Conflict.
“Each of us reacts to conflict in a unique way. We have our own goals, our own fears, and our own ways to get what we need. This webinar helps participants understand their reactions to conflict and how these reactions affect those around them. It also helps them discover more constructive ways to deal with conflict.”
Finally, David has a series of live training sessions available through Leadership Growth Strategies and ACTEX. The live and in-person programs offer 1-day of highly interactive and experiential learning with Dave, followed up with a period of one-on-one coaching. Workshops on business and management skills are generally eligible for CPD/CE credit. Check them out.
Update 10/22/19 – Adding to this list already! Check out David’s new guest editorial in The Actuary entitled Pride-based Leadership: The Five Key Skills of a True Leader.