Allstate’s Steve Armstrong on Becoming An Actuary.

In this article, Steven Armstrong, vice president of pricing analytics & actuarial services, Allstate Insurance Company, and president, CAS, shares his journey into actuarial science and why he loves the actuarial career.

“At its heart, I love the actuarial career because I love solving real-world problems using a combination of data/analytics, business context, and professionalism/objectivity. While mathematics and technical skills are a big piece of the puzzle, the art of solving problems requires constructing the right question, investigating the data and mathematical techniques to employ, and ultimately communicating results and influencing those who need to know the answer.”

Steven describes many aspects of the career he finds alluring, such as the kinds of problems actuaries are asked to solve change just as society changes.

“As Mother Nature, regulation, technology, globalization, and aging populations keep evolving, so does the job and the opportunity for actuaries to solve real-world business problems.”

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